Turmoil in Baltimore- 2015 Baltimore Riots


As my home –

Baltimore,The Greatest City in the World,

A place where you are called to Believe everywhere you go,

A place where you can be a Southern as you please & make as much Northern money as you can hustle up,

A place where there are people who have never left the “State of Baltimore”,

A place with Charm, History & Sharp Wit,

– burned yesterday both literally and figuratively,

I wondered to myself…

How many people understand what’s really going on?

If you think yesterday’ riots/protests/destruction was about:

Lawless Thugs

Incompetent Government Officials

Some Dumb Movie called “The Purge”

Black People

Angry, Drunk Sports Fans

A Rogue Police Force

Then you need to wake up!!! You are sadly mistaken.

Baltimore Riot 2015Everything mentioned above is a symptom of a larger disease. Those things are surface level, “main attraction events”, designed to have you feel fear, trauma, anger and hate.

You can think of yesterday’s events in Baltimore as the newest trailer in the latest blockbuster movie.

It is called –

“How to Destroy Society & Bring About A Police State Designed To Enslave &”Kill The Majority Of The WORLD’S Population”

Pretty Long Movie Title, right?

That’s because it is a mega-blockbuster movie.

One that took thousands of years and an unimaginable amount of money, resources, brainwashing and manipulation to create.

We have all been subject to the indoctrination.

We have all been studied and analyzed so that this trailer and all the other trailers that have come before and all the other trailers to come would have just the desired effect of our psyche to bring about the ultimate goal.

Steal, Kill & Destroy.

We see it all the time:




Boko Haram


& Countless others

Evil wants to prevail. But a little bit of Good is so powerful that it takes an extraordinary amount of evil to attack it.

That is why we are seeing so much evil throughout the world and society today.

But we have the power. And it lies in our thoughts which lead to our actions.

Where do your thoughts lie right now?

If you are sickened, angered, depressed or even worse – indifferent- to all the evil in the world…

Then please change your focus!

Please don’t allow the matrix of evil to manipulate you into thinking that all hope is lost.

For with every mind awakened, every mustard seed of love that is sown, every person that wakes up and says today is the day that I will change myself for the better and I will choose to love instead of hate, we fight the power. The real power that is attacking us.

Our power lies not only in our thoughts but our choices…real talk.

It is that simple. But we have to understand that orchestrated matrix that we live in.

It is Us versus Them. But the “Us” ain’t who you think it is.

Don’t be fooled. Make the choice to wake up today!