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A true revolutionary renaissance woman, impassioned food activist, multi-talented executive chef and baker with a focus on local, organic, health-promoting, from-scratch cooking, inspirational motivational speaker, voice over actress, dynamic educator and trainer, Akemi Parker is inspired, on a God-given mission to empower others through training and education in food, nutrition and green living.

Akemi has always been attracted to clean, healthy food. Her years of research into healing foods and naturopathic remedies has led her to the knowledge that organic foods and increasing the amount of raw food consumed can fight nearly all illnesses whether mental, emotional and physical. At the same time, she has used her research into the healing properties of foods to help successfully transition her family, clients, students and communities to eating & living green.

She has coined the term, “organic nutrition” to describe her innovative and revolutionary program, Green-Eating. Through her classes, workshops, speaking engagements, website, and nutrition consultations, she is determined to transform lives and bring awareness to the real food crisis – the chronic diseases and illness delivered through foods saturated with toxins, chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.

Akemi Parker is a food activist & founder of Green-Eating where the mission is to provide empowerment through organic nutrition education. She has served the community through food, health and nutrition in a variety of professional capacities including:

  • Executive Chef & Food Service Instructor at The Harbour School at Baltimore. A special needs school.
  • Adjunct faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County, Howard Community College, & Anne Arundel Community College where she teaches her health/fitness/wellness class – Green-Eating.
  • Certified ServSafe Food Safety & Sanitation Instructor & Proctor training students and professionals in proper food practices and proctoring the national certification exam.
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant helping her clients achieve their personal health and lifestyle goals with a holistic and personal approach.
  • HACCP plan writer and consultant to a variety of food service establishments throughout Maryland.
  • Developer, trainer and facilitator of nutrition and wellness education programs through strategic partnerships with non-profit and corporate entities, like Women In Transition.

Akemi is most proud of her work with children. In her capacity as Executive Chef at The Harbour School at Baltimore, she successfully transitioned the school’s lunch program from serving highly processed foods to a being a 95% organic, from-scratch kitchen. She was committed to meeting the highest healthy food guidelines and quality standards.

Many students at the Harbour School are, due to sensory and health issues, fussy eaters. In addition, like many young people, many of the students had not been exposed to a wide variety of foods and food choices. Akemi did a marvelous job with modifying familiar dishes to make each healthier and with introducing students to new foods that they had not previously tried.

Her guest speaking engagements and classes are always engaging and interactive. She has been recognized from the University of Maryland, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, Department of Nutrition and Food Science for her outstanding job facilitating a food safety workshop on campus in 2013. She speaks on a variety of topics and always speaks from the heart.Chef Akemi Parker Cooking Demonstration


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