Podcast: How To Eat & Live Green On A Budget


JenningsWire Podcast - How To Eat and Live Green

So ‪#‎blessed and ‪#‎grateful to be featured on ‪#‎JenningsWire ‪#‎Podcast ‪#‎Health series sharing tips for Eating & Living Green on a Budget!

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Chef Akemi Parker is the author of  The Queen of Green author of the new book, SUPERFOODS! Powerful Foods that Beat Cancer & Chronic Illness where she shares the potent foods and green eating techniques that beat cancer and disease and eliminate toxins in the body.

How To Eat & Live Green

  • Who is this book for?
  • How can people start eating and living green in a practical way?
  • Organic costs more than conventional produce – how can you afford it?
  • What makes the foods in your book better than other foods we hear about (lemons, blueberries, etc)?

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