Health Benefits for Eating Turkey Infographic


Provided by Epic Wilderness with our sincere thanks and appreciation!

One of the greatest things about turkey season is that it allows us to reap our own wild turkey which is obviously much more healthier compared to domesticated ones because you have no idea on what those turkeys might be injected with. Everyone knows that turkeys give us tons of benefits and turkey as a source of protein needed by our body being one of them.

Turkey is the main focus of your Thanksgiving dinner–and with leftovers, the days that follow. Make sure you cook it, carve it, and reap its many nutritional benefits till nothing is left! It is extremely important for us to choose which kind of meat is the right one for us to consume. Not everyone knows this but there’s a difference between wild turkey and a domesticated one (explained in the infographic).

An image speaks a thousand words; Epic Wilderness has made an infographic that helps us to explore the health benefits of turkey.

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