Get TIPS® Certified!


GET TIPS® Certified!


Class Fee – Registration $65

Class Length is  5 hours including examination at the end.

Learn more about TIPS® (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) –  the global leader in education and training for the responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol. Proven effective by third-party studies, TIPS® is a skills-based training program that is designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving.

Over the past 35 years, TIPS® has certified over 4 million participants and trainers. TIPS® training is conducted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and in over 50 different countries. Join the thousands of businesses and organizations that already enjoy the benefits of TIPS® .

Schedule Your Onsite TIPS Certification for as little as $65 a person!

Onsite TIPS Training Individual Sessions

Discount for group sessions! Email and use the TIPS promo code – gettipsgroups

5% for groups of  5-10

10% for groups up to 11-20

15% for groups of 20-30

You have 2 options for training – onsite training or the online course and exam.

Here is the rate for each option:

$65 per person (Baltimore Metro Area Only)

$65 per person plus mileage for all other locations ( 5 person minimum)

$40 for online course and exam

Online Course Links:

On Premise:





Get TIPS® Certified with Training by Chef Akemi Parker.



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