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Beat Cancer Now! has been renamed to …



The content remains exactly the same! I want everyone to know that the info in this book applies to them. Let’s beat cancer and disease. Let’s make the world a greener and safer place. Let’s return to tradition!

♥ Akemi

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Beat Cancer Now! Book Cover


An Excerpt from “Beat Cancer Now!” by Chef Akemi

Why Did I Name This Book “Beat Cancer Now!” by Chef Akemi Parker

“Beat Cancer Now!” by Chef Akemi Parker – Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I.        Why Did I Name This Book “Beat Cancer Now”?

II.       Introduction

III.     4 Easy Steps to Get Started with Green Eating

IV.     Why Go Green & Organic

V.       Organic Food Production

VI.     Cancer – Know Thy Enemy

VII.    Immunity & the Body –  Your Vehicle to Health

VIII.   Sugar Detox – The Why & How

IX.      De-Stress

The Superfood List

  1.    Goji Berries
  2.    Seaweed
  3.    Probiotics – Kimchi & Kefir
  4.    Bee Products – Honey, Propolis & Royal Jelly
  5.    Coconut Oil
  6.    Maca
  7.    Cocao
  8.    Hemp Seeds
  9.    Black Garlic
  10.    Nutritional Yeast
  11.    Wheatgerm
  12.    Chia Seeds
  13.    Echinacea
  14.    Turmeric


X.       Vitamins & Minerals – An “A to Zinc” Guide

XI.      Fruit & Vegetable by Color

XII.    Healing Herbs & Oils

XIII.  Food for Thought – Books on Green Eating

XIV.   Food Nutrition Links

XV.     References

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