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Akemi Parker - Information Activist


I’ve always had a love affair with food. Some of my fondest memories are of sharing a meal with friends & family…whether in a casual or formal setting.

Over the years, I’ve also seen my friends & family suffer with weight issues, cancers, and other serious ailments. Many of their health issues could be attributed to poor choices when it comes to eating and/or overexposure to chemicals and other harmful substances.

After sustaining serious injuries from two car accidents in 2010, I found myself visiting countless doctors, specialists, and physical therapists. Each one was eager to prescribe a variety of medications to relive the chronic pain I was feeling in my neck, back, knees, and wrists.

The problem was the medicines made me feel 100 times worse than I was already feeling. Many of the medicines prescribed were narcotics so I felt like they were not an option.

Possibility of addiction and withdrawal affects…no thanks!


I’ve always been attracted to clean, healthy food but I found myself wondering why people that ate healthy still had so many issues and ailments. I began researching healing foods and naturopathic remedies.

My search quickly brought me to organic foods and raw diets. I wanted to find a doctor who would relieve my symptoms, help my body to heal, and not prescribe me half a dozen medications within 5 minutes of meeting me.

After several months of discouraging doctors’ appointments, God blessed me with a patient and skilled chiropractic doctor that gave me what I was looking for. He helped bring me restore my health by using a combination of therapeutic treatments and not a single prescription medication.

I was determined to learn more about how I could not only heal myself but strengthen my immune system. I’m an advocate of organic food and healthful eating.

I am not a medical doctor!

I am a trained food service professional with over 15 years of experience. I am a Certified Sports Nutrition Instructor, Certified ServSafe Instructor for the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Food Service Safety & Sanitation Program and a Food Activist!

Green-Eating is the product of my passion for food and my need to let other people in on one of America’s biggest secrets…

We are being experimented on and poisoned on a daily basis. Our food supply is in the most dangerous position it has ever been in. Prescription medicines are not the cure all. In fact, they can be quite dangerous.

Don’t believe me…just pay attention to some of the commercials for the commonly prescribed drugs on the market. Really let it soak in that the cure is often times worse than the disease.

The general public is unaware of what they are ingesting with their food and medication. And they don’t know how it is affecting their health.

The time for change is now! I hope to accomplish many things with this website.

Primarily, I want to increase awareness of the harmful food practices that we’ve established and to bring people back to the way of eating and living that has sustained humanity throughout time.

Secondly, I’d like to educate people on the power of re-directing their consumer dollars towards organic and sustainable products, businesses and services. There are many ways to approach these hugely important tasks. Green-Eating is my baby-step into saving the world, one person at a time.

I hope that this website can be a forum for life changing dialogue. I appreciate all comments (except spam that is)!

Let’s get the discussion going but most importantly let’s get together and create change for the better.

You are what you eat. Know what you’re eating!

-Akemi Parker

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