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Proven process provided with a 100% health department pass rate.

Easy to use template. Based off of your menu.

Designed to give you an understanding of food safety and HACCP principles.

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Get your HACCP WRITER 123® now! 



Writing a HACCP plan can seem like a daunting task. Maybe you haven’t seen a written HACCP plan. However, if you’ve worked in the foodservice, chances are you’ve been trained and are working according to the HACCP standard. HACCP guidelines are set forth by the FDA and your state and local health departments.

Even if you have never worked in a commercial operation, don’t fret! HACCP procedures can be easily understood with a little training and perspective.

The HACCP WRITER 123® is intended to give you the foundation you need to develop your own HACCP plan. It also includes an easy to use template that gives you the format the health department is looking for.

The HACCP WRITER 123® was written with the small business owner, restaurateur, food service manager or director of operations in mind.

You may be starting a new food service venture.

Perhaps, you have taken over the management of an existing operation and the HACCP plan must be updated.

Or, maybe you are in a supervisory role of a commercial kitchen and want to ensure that best practices are in place regarding food safety and the training of kitchen employees.

Whatever your food management background is, the HACCP WRITER 123®  can help! First, it provides an understanding of the SOPs involved with identifying the food safety risks in your food business. Then it teaches you how to prevent and /or correct them.

Get your HACCP WRITER 123® now –


The HACCP WRITER 123® meets three objectives:

✓ know industry-wide HACCP and sanitation best practices for food service businesses including Maryland specific information

✓ train employees in safe food handling and HACCP procedures

✓ write a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan for a food service business

The HACCP WRITER 123®  teaches the main topic areas associated with conducting a hazard analysis regarding your menu and operation and developing a critical control plan.

Begin with a working menu. End with a well-constructed HACCP plan to work with and the tools to complete the document for submission to your local health department.

Also, receive a free review from a trained and knowledgeable HACCP WRITER 123® consultant with suggestions that may be needed to pass your health department’s regulations!

Topic Areas included with the HACCP WRITER 123® are:

✓ Food Safety Principles

✓ Flow of Food

✓ TCS Foods

✓ HACCP Principles

✓ Suppliers and Vendors

✓ Equipment

✓ Format / Template

✓ Additional Resources & Instructor Review of Your HACCP Plan

Get your HACCP WRITER 123® today!